Fuel your business with out of the box digitalisation services.

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We deliver safe, secure and hassle free and affordable digitalisation services

Our solutions enables business to optimise operations by digitalising documents using advanced scanners.

Secure your Business with Digitalisation

Rather than keeping sensitive records physically accessible (in case of a break-in), you can protect them digitally using firewalls, encryption and other computer security measures. Digital files can be easily retrieved from secure storage, allowing quick disaster recovery.

Less Space, More Efficiency

Think of the space you would free up in your office or company building if you removed all of those file cabinets full of documents. With the help of a professional document imaging service, you can easily make soft-copy backups of all your hard documents.

Easy Access to Documents

Collect all of your documents in one place – that is, on a hard drive, company server or in the cloud. This way, you can easily search, archive and retrieve your documents from a computer. Think of document scanning as a way of streamlining your document retrieval procedure.

Grow your Business with Low Investment

Whether your company is large or small, document digitalisation can help your business expand. In a business world where printing costs are on the rise, digitizing important documents not only saves storage space and cost, but it provides additional accessibility

eParkin : Smart Parking Solution for Enterprises and Smart Cities

eParkin is an advanced, robust technology driven solution to meet on-street and off-street parking demands with efficient management of resources, realtime monitoring, proper parking guidance information, effective e-ticketing system and cashless payment. Coactive is the exclusive marketing partner of eParkin

Smart Parking for smart cities

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